Choosing a bathroom, we know, is not easy.  Even once you’ve chosen the pottery and tiles, there is always a worry that whatever you have chosen either won’t complement one-another, or that the suite will look too large or small in your room.  We have found a solution to this, which we’re delighted to share with our customers, entirely free of charge.

Our 3D virtual worlds design service allows you to browse our extensive ranges in person and then electronically, and see how items look together in a 3D virtual image of your room.

Our process is quick and simple; we initially provide a no obligation site survey, so that we can see the layout of your room in its present state.  We then produce a 3D design of the empty room with accurate dimensions so that we can then use this for the full design.  For those who struggle to make time for appointments such as this, or if you are planning a property which is yet to be built or finalised, we are happy for you to email your plans or drawings to us and we will design the room from this information alone.  We appreciate that, with all renovation projects, it can be hard to visualise how the room itself will look when you’re missing doors, windows and even walls, so we’re happy to produce a design of your room so you can truly see how the room will look once your suite has been fitted.

Following on from this initial site visit, you are then invited into our showroom at a time to suit you in order to look at our products and then design your room using the software available, so that you can truly visualise the final room before you’ve even spent a penny (pardon the pun!).

We have 3D detailed images from our vast range of manufacturers, enabling you to choose products from our trusted suppliers and see how they will look in your home.  And the best thing about the designing process is; if you change your mind, you can start all over again with absolutely no cost implications.  We keep working with you, guiding you if we feel there is something which may compliment your room perfectly, until together we create a design you are truly delighted by.

Once we have worked together to choose the items which will make the room complete, we then share this with our fittings team, who will then visit your home once more to ensure that the plan is 100% accurate and will be absolutely perfect once the suite is fitted in your home.

Our 3D virtual worlds design service is just another example of where we’re different to your standard high-street bathroom retailer.  By being able to perform a 3D virtual tour of your room, there are no purchases which you later regret; everything you buy is a considered purchase with your actual room in-mind.  It matters to us that you are delighted with your choices and that the room looks as perfect as possible; and only by offering you the opportunity to view an image of the finished product before you’ve even bought the suite can this be achieved.

We are happy to spend as much or as little time with you as is required in order to help you choose a bathroom suite which you will continue to love in years to come, and one which truly suits the needs of you and your family.   Why not pop into our showroom to see the extensive ranges we stock, and to discuss booking your own 3D virtual worlds site visit and design appointment.

If you have any questions about our 3D design service, call Georgina, our expert bathroom designer on 01422 847021 or email