An Attic Bathroom

We thought we’d try something a little different this week; our previous blogs have focussed on more generic aspects of bathroom design. We’ve talked about clever design hacks in small spaces, and how to create a modern look in a period home, which plants will thrive in the bathroom environment and creating a perfect bath-time ritual. We’re so happy that you enjoy the blog, and that you are finding it useful when making decisions before you begin your projects.

We also listen to the feedback we get from you guys, and a lot of our customers have told us they’d be interested to hear the story behind the pictures. Our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages are full of inspiration showing the beautiful rooms we create, and our range of products. But, it seems, you’re interested to know how these rooms turned into the sanctuaries they are today.

Let’s talk about bathrooms and family-life. With this #BBHBProject practicality was key. Our customers had an attic bedroom, complete with en-suite which accommodated a freestanding shower, toilet and sink. Let’s call them Mr and Mrs Attic Bathroom for the purpose of this blog and maintaining their privacy.

Mrs Attic loves a bath, absolutely well-and-truly adores a bath, particularly before bedtime. The only problem was, by having a bath on the same floor as sleeping children, her nightly bath-time routine threatened to wake them up. As those with children know you must NEVER WAKE THE CHILDREN! An evening can go from an oasis of calm, adult-time to frantic and stressful with the introduction of an over-tired child. The solution? Enter stage left, our resident bathroom designer and mum-of-two Georgina.

By truly listening to the needs of the customer, and some clever design hacks, Georgina sourced products which fitted the aesthetic Mr and Mrs Attic bedroom were looking for, but could accommodate a freestanding shower, freestanding bath (the beautiful V&A Amiata), toilet and sink unit with in-built storage too. With a silent-drain feature, this bath ensures that no-one is woken up when bath-time is over. By adding the V&A Tombolo bath rack, which holds two glasses of wine safely, Mrs Attic Bathroom was provided with the solution which fit both her needs and desires.

It’s such a simple thing; to listen, but quite often we see customers who have tried a high-street major retailer approach to their bathroom design, and been left with something which leaves them cold. You want to feel that your bathroom truly meets your needs, takes into account how you will use it, and that the most is being made from the space you have available. Georgina is the queen of creating spacious bathrooms which really work for you; whether you live alone and want a bathroom worthy of Instagram, or need to tidily store 10 different varieties of shower gel and Mr Matey bubble bath.

We hope you enjoy these pictures as much as us, and begin to use the #BBHBProjects hashtag. We will be using that hashtag all over our social media channels to ensure it is easy for you to find our most recent projects, and will be featuring more projects in our blog in the coming weeks.

If you’re a previous BBHB customer and would like us to feature your room, do get in touch. We love to hear how happy our customers are with the spaces we’ve helped to create.

That’s all for now…more to come!

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