Choosing Plants For Your Bathroom

Choosing plants for you bathroom

Choosing plants for your bathroom

Decorative houseplants are the latest design trend; aesthetically pleasing, these little wonders also improve air quality and reduce mold as they soak up moisture in your bathroom.

Whether it’s a peace-lily brightening up a dull windowsill, or hanging ivy trailing from a ceiling-hung decorative pot, adding plants to your bathroom is a quick and affordable way to spruce up your room.

But which are the better house-plants for your bathroom?


Ferns hardly need any watering at all; in fact the moisture in the air from daily showers should be enough to keep your fern thriving for years to come. They don’t rely on direct sunshine in order to flourish, meaning that even in a dark bathroom you can still add a touch of greenery without needing sunshine to help them thrive.

Peace Lily

Another plant which requires hardly any watering in order to grow. Perfect for those who are prone to killing house-plants, these little wonders are as low-maintenance as you can get. They purify the air and go with almost any choice of décor.

Trailing ivy

Look through any house magazine at the moment and you will see trailing plants are the key trend of 2017-18. Ivy requires a good 4-6 hours of direct sunlight each day, so you’ll need to put it in the window to ensure the plant thrives in your bathroom. But with regular watering, this plant offers a modern aesthetic; team it with a decorative pot and it’ll freshen up any bathroom in moments.


Orchids are the most high-maintenance of the plants in our selection; but all they really need is direct sunlight and weekly watering. Pop an ice-cube in the pot to water your orchid once and week and leave it to thrive in the window for the ultimate in bathroom luxury foliage.

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