…will add value to your home and make sure that even the smallest room in your home reflects your personal taste and style.  Being short on space doesn’t have to equal being short on style; by investing in key pieces which bring an element of luxury and practicality to your bathroom, the lack of space will be the furthest thing on your mind.

In any bathroom, storage is key.  The is especially the case when space is a concern; nothing is further from “luxury” than when tubes of toothpaste, shampoo bottles and children’s’ bath toys are on display.

Choose a washstand with towel bars

In a small bathroom, space to allow towels to air is at a minimum.  Nothing makes a space feel smaller and less luxurious than damp towels hanging over every surface.  By choosing a washstand with towel bars at both the front and sides, beautiful towels can be displayed and also aired; adding an element of practicality to your design choices.

Clever tiling design choices

When choosing tiles, it is easy to just put them flat on the walls and move onto purchasing storage solutions for your bathroom products.  However, when the footprint of your room is small, storage units take up precious space and make the room feel cluttered.

Consider asking your tiler to incorporate storage shelves into your tiles.  By creating small “boxes” within a flat tiled wall, shower products and candles can be displayed in these alcoves; freeing up floor space and keeping the overall finish of the room clean and minimalist.

Vanity unit

Often, customers discount vanity units because they feel they don’t have the space for them.  But if you can fit a sink in your bathroom, which we would argue is an essential, you can definitely fit a vanity unit in there.

A vanity unit in a quality material, such as a real wood and marble combination, will offer a beautiful and tactile finish, reminiscent of luxury hotel bathrooms.  By choosing a vanity unit you ensure that no space is wasted and surfaces are clear.

These clever storage ideas will keep the clutter hidden, allowing you to display only your finest pampering products; think vintage apothecary rather than supermarket health and beauty aisle and you’re on the right track.


Slipper bath

If you want the look of a roll-top bath, but are short on space, consider investing in a “Slipper Bath”.  Slipper baths feature the roll-top that add an element of luxury to the room, but are generally smaller in length than a traditional roll-top bath.  The top end of the slipper bath is higher than the bottom, offering more back and neck support than traditional baths, allowing you to take your time and recline in the splendour of the bathroom space you have created.

Want some planning a bathroom in a tight space, get in touch to speak our expert bathroom designers.


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