Renovating the bathroom in your period home provides many opportunities to enhance the traditional, whilst incorporating 21st century luxury for that perfect, timeless classic feel.

There are a number of ways that we can support you to embrace the period of your home, whilst also introducing modern pieces which will stand the test of time in years to come, as much as a sash window, original floorboards or wooden shutters.

Floor Tiles

So often, when shopping for a new bathroom, we focus primarily on the bathroom suite itself.  However, visit any luxury boutique hotel and you’ll find that the flooring is given as much consideration as the bathroom pottery itself.  By viewing the flooring as a key component of your bathroom, and choosing a tiling design reminiscent of the period of your home, you’ll create a “flow” from the rest of your home, into what we consider to be the most important room in the house; the bathroom.

These Victorian-patterned floor-tiles provide the best of both worlds; they are a classic design in a modern product.  Made from hardwearing materials, they are also the ideal choice to conduct heat from an underfloor heating supply.  These styles stylistically hark back to a bygone era where even floor tiles were beautiful.

Key Pieces

Gentleman’s residences and the homes of the social elite are where we take inspiration from when designing traditional-meets-modern bathrooms.  In fact, most bathrooms were a tin-bath in front of the fire and an outside toilet until mid-century in the UK.  This isn’t a look we’re seeking to replicate!  However, by choosing a key piece in your bathroom, we can provide that “nod” to the traditional, whist also satisfying modern design tastes.

Consider the material your bath is made from; polished aluminium or cast-iron finishes add authenticity and luxury, and these materials will provide a quality-feel to the room.  We also stock “Imperial” roll-top baths with bespoke colour options; which offer the opportunity to choose the colour of both the claw-feet and the bath itself.  Matching, or contrasting wood panelling on the walls with the colour of your bath adds an air of elegance and difference, which will set your bathroom apart from the rest.

Did you know, we are the only stockist of Thomas Crapper in the Hebden Bridge area?  For over 150 years Thomas Crapper & Co. has been true to the ethos that if you buy the right quality you only have to buy once; and what better way to reference the history of your home than with bathroom pieces which combine traditional designs with modern plumbing practices?  To provide a modern twist, Thomas Crapper offer a bespoke service for all cast-metal cisterns which allow for personalisation in the text.  What a talking point your toilet will be when visitors spot your family name cast within the cistern!

Our team have almost 20 years experience of designing contemporary bathrooms which are sympathetic to the features of a period home.  Our “3D Virtual Worlds Design” service allows you to choose, change and adapt your bathroom choices from the comfort of your own home, enabling you to truly see the beauty you’ve created before you make your final choices.

To see our range of contemporary period pieces, discuss a design appointment, or to enquire about any of the products discussed above, contact us. We’re open 7 days a week and our “3D virtual Worlds Design” service is free.

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