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Attic Bathroom. Incorporating A Freestanding Bath And Separate Shower Into A Small Space.

Mr and Mrs Stanley had an attic bathroom; with a sloping roof and eaves used for storage, the space was a challenge.

We knew that storage was important; the eaves were used for laundry and under the basin for everyday toiletries which would otherwise detract from the look of the finished room.

They loved the idea of a freestanding bath and a separate shower but were struggling to see how both could be incorporated into the limited space available. We developed a design and recommended products which were suitable sizes to make this achievable.

We talked about the shabby chic vs modern look and agreed that panelling, a painted bath and a storage unit under the sink would help achieve that modern but warm look they wanted to achieve. The panelling was bespoke; created by one of our trusted fitting partners “AJF Solutions” in a moisture-resistant material it was painted to complement the tones of the bath and the sink unit and was made with concealed storage incorporated in there too.

The shower being easy to maintain and keep clean was also a key element of the brief, so we didn’t recommend tiles in that area. Instead we recommended a composite resin in large sheets. Created by Acquabella the material can be made to any size or colour and texture and is really hard-wearing. The absence of grout lines to worry about makes this a shower enclosure which is low maintenance and looks fantastic.

Because the space was tight to fit in both a bath and shower, there was limited space available for a freestanding sink storage unit. Mrs and Mrs Stanley really liked the imperial furniture, but with 60cm available for the sink area the Imperial units were too big. We had a bespoke piece of furniture made for them locally, which the Imperial basin was then sat on. Painted to match the bath and panelling, this final touch really brought the look together.

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