Ambiance Bain

A co-ordinated approach for your entire bathroom.

Ambiance Bain are a French company, and offer a modern style for your bathroom. We chose the brand because we had a lot of requests for bathrooms to fit very unusual size rooms. Ambiance Bain furniture is all made to measure, meaning you can have a full bathroom storage solution made to fit the exact size of your room; whether you’re struggling for space or want to fill a huge room with plenty of storage to hide your clutter.

AB have a great range of fitted furniture, which is modern in design, which is why their products are so popular with our customers.

We especially like the huge range of colours available with AB products, and the finishes too. For example, AB have developed their own material which enables one-piece moulded basin and countertops to be created as one single piece. This attention to detail makes AB stand out from the crowd.