Thomas Crapper

The original name in Bathrooms.

Since opening the worlds first bathroom showroom in 1870, Thomas Crapper has been shorthand for quality in the world of bathrooms. We chose the brand because of the traditional aesthetic, coupled with the very finest quality fittings; you get the best of both worlds with a Thomas Crapper bathroom. The weight of the fittings demonstrates their high quality; made using the highest quality metals they are designed to last a lifetime, making them the perfect investment for your home.

All Thomas Crapper products are produced in the UK, so if your Carbon Footprint is a concern to you, this may be a deciding factor for you.

We like the personalisation options available with Thomas Crapper products; cisterns can be imprinted with a text of your choice. What a talking point it is to be able to have your family name on the cistern above your Thomas Crapper toilet.