Victoria + Albert

A British brand with a worldwide reputation.

V&A are a British company offering a fantastic quality product in a huge range of sizes.

All V&A Baths are made from a White Limestone meaning they are quite light to manoeuvere, which is handy if you live in a three-story house, as some of our customers do.

The Limestone is sourced in Africa, which is where the baths are made, and because they are made from a natural material they can be sanded out and repaired in the future.  This feature makes V&A a popular choice with hoteliers around the world because they are repairable and designed to last a lifetime.  V&A also offer pained finishes and matt finishes, which gives them a really unusual look if you’re wanting something a little different.

We love that the Limestone retains the heat much longer than other materials, so if you’re a fan of a long soak in the bath, a V&A bath will stay warmer for much longer meaning you can really savour that bath-time experience.